UofG 3MT 2014

2014 Results

The Grand Finale  took place on the 19th March 2014. 

Winner: Richard Middlemiss, Saving the world with springs

Runner Up: Andrew Smith, Pope Leo IX; Radical or Not?

People's Choice: Richard Middlemiss, Saving the world with springs


2014 Finalists

  • Maranda Thomson, Career advice for cells
  • Louise Bennett, Osteoarthritis - A Pain in the Knee!
  • Audrey  Mutongi, Community Entrepreneurship
  • Kirsty Ainsworth, Reading the ‘mind’s eye’
  • Shahzya Chaudhury, Are Paediatric and Adult Acute Myeloid Leukaemia the same?
  • Andrew Smith, Pope Leo IX; Radical or Not?
  • Richard Middlemiss, Saving the world with springs
  • Sarah Hamlin, Poetry and Scottish Independence
  • Kirsten Munro, Coronary Stents: How could your SOCS save your life?
  • Renato Margiotta, Global Citizenship Education through Evolutionary Biology
  • Mengxi Pang, How do you know who you are?
  • John Donaldson, Are human bodies like combustion engines?