This PhD Life October 2021/January 2022 Presentations

Charlie Rex - Organisation and Time Management During Your PhD


Emily Hay- Why PGR Internships are Worth Doing


Héloïse Guichardaz - Academic Jobs During the PhD: What, Where, and Why?


Gaston Bacquet Quiroga - What the PhD journey looks like in your first year


Zein Al-Maha Oweis (Zee) - How to Balance a PhD with a Visual Impairment?


Orestis Angelidis - Back from the industry - Useful tips and tricks from the consultancy world applied to research


Mei Hu - How to settle into the local community as an international PGR


Jessica Ireland-Hughes - 3 things I wish I knew before I started my PhD


Marcus Kao - Beginning with a question (and without an answer)


Brittnee Leysen - When it all goes wrong: suspending your studies


Duanyi Yi - What illusions will Loneliness Cause? Tips for International PGRs


Yuanjing Ye - Things you wish you knew earlier about working remotely for your PhD


Siobhan Mulligan - Finding Your Voice as a Practice Researcher


Qiao Dai - What it’s like to advise on academic writing as a GTA and first-year international PGR