Connection and Belonging

Navigating Uncertainty in Research

Academic life is a precarious one for many. Contracts are short-term, mobility is expected, and the future feels outside of our control. We are forever facing new challenges and constant change. Arguably, that is part of what we love most about academia. But over time, the uncertainty and instability of the situation can take a toll. Worry, doubt and fear can begin to settle in.

In this webinar, we will explore how to:

  • give yourself permission (to be where you are and feel what you feel!)
  • make micro-changes to maintain a solid emotional and mental foundation
  • navigate uncertainty and worry
  • recognise the controllable from the uncontrollable and learn where to spend your emotional and mental energy
  • fill your bucket when life is constantly emptying it

Course Code: RSDB 6110

RDF Domain: B1-2, C2-3

Target Group: All researchers

Format: 1 hour online

Burnout and Wellbeing

Burnout is more than exhaustion. Burnout is mental, physical and emotional and it leaves us feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, unmotivated. Unfortunately, burnout is something academics are experiencing in high numbers currently.

In this webinar, we will learn:

  • what burnout is (and isn’t)
  • why it happens, the key triggers
  • what to do if you find yourself burnt-out
  • what we can do to avoid it if you think you’re getting close
  • how to put the necessary fail-safes in place so that it doesn’t happen to you

Course Code: RSDB 6111

RDF Domain: B1-2

Target Group: All researchers

Format: 1 hour online

Filling Your Bucket

A simple phrase that signifies that we needed help/time/support/a lifeline: "my bucket is empty". It captures the constant pouring of ourselves into our work and projects. But we cannot pour from an empty bucket. And our buckets do empty.

In this webinar we explore:

  • the many ways that we drain our bucket day-to-day. The physical, the emotional, the mental, the social drains that we often don’t acknowledge
  • the cost of trying to achieve and excel with an empty bucket
  • key tools that help you fill that bucket – from the micro-changes that help you to keep going, to the bigger shifts that allow your bucket to truly fill
  • finding your 'why' in order to drive meaningful changes
  • setting your bottom line and protecting it

Course Code: RSDB 6112

RDF Domain: B1-2

Target Group: All researchers

Format: 1 hour online

Working in Multicultural Teams

Being part of a multicultural organisation can be a rewarding experience; it is an opportunity to work closely with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and develop personal and professional growth. However, working with a team of genuinely different people also comes with several challenges. 

Cultural and individual differences between us are often wrapped up with differences among organisations, industries, professions, and other groups. Furthermore, some of us have lived in other countries or have multicultural families, which adds complexity. Acknowledging the complexity of these challenges, this workshop engages with our important cultural differences, as an invitation to move past cultural stereotyping, and appreciate diversity as an essential part of a successful working environment.

Over the course of two participatory sessions, this workshop will help you to develop new insights about yourself and others and give you practical skills which will help you improve how you work in multicultural teams.

Course Code: RSDD 6111

RDF Domain: D1-3, C1

Target Group: All researchers

Format: 2 part workshop, 2.5 hour and 1.5 hour online

Isolation and Belonging

Academic life can be an isolating experience for many people. For some, the role requires them to live far from home and those they love. For others, the workload can impact significantly on their ability or desire to socialise and maintain relationships.

In this webinar we explore:

  • the most common sources of isolation and loneliness in academia
  • why is isolation so bad for us? Threatening our sense of belonging and identity.
  • how we can begin to change it- concrete tools to increase our sense of belonging within the academic and local community through creating a sense of safety, connection and common threads.


RDF Domain: B1-B2

Target Group: All PGR

Duration: 1 hour online webinar

This PhD Life

Looking for insider knowledge on what the PhD experience is really like? How to find a healthy work/life balance? How to manage your methodology? How to build an academic profile online? How to have a happy relationship with your supervisor? Then, this one-day symposium is for you. This biannual conference is aimed at those just starting their research, with talks from current PGRs and Postdocs about their real-life experience of doing their doctorate. Alternatively, if you are in year 2+ and have experience you would like share, please drop us an email at

Booking advertised by email in advance of conference

RDF Domain: A1-3,B1-3,C1-3,D1-3

Target Group: Year 1 PGRs

Format: 1 day online