How to Book and Cancel Courses


How to Book a Course

Enrolment for Mandatory Courses 

You can enrol on any mandatory courses via Moodle

Follow the link in the course description, or find the course using the Moodle search bar.


Enrolment for Optional Courses 

You can enrol for any optional courses via MyCampus (unless otherwise stated in the course description). To enrol on a course on MyCampus:

  1. Login to the MyGlasgow Student Portal
  2. Under My Courses and Records, click My Student Centre > Enrollment > Add by Search
  3. Enter the subject code (e.g. RSDA) and catalogue number (e.g. 6802) and click 'Search'
  4. Select the session which you wish to enrol in and click 'Next'
  5. You will see that the course has been added to My Choices
  6. Click on the My Choices tab and select the course again in the table view. Click 'Enrol' and then 'Finish Enrolling'

If this is a multi-day course, you must be available to attend all days.


How to Find Your Course Venue

You will find the venue or webinar link for any courses booked via MyCampus in your UofG Life App calendar.

It takes up to 24 hours from booking a course for it to come through to your timetable, so we recommend enrolling early. 

To find the venue or webinar link for a course:

  1. Login to the 
  2. Under My Courses and Records, click My Timetable
  3. Login when prompted
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click 'Timetable' and navigate to the date of your chosen training course
  5. Click on the event in the calendar to see more information

During Semester 1 most live courses will run as online webinars, using the Zoom platform. We hope to resume face-to-face courses in Semester 2. 

For webinars you will need a screen and computer audio (headphones or speakers). It is best to log in through your university Zoom account. Arrive early to make sure the software is working, and give your full name and university number so that your attendance can be correctly recorded. 


How to Cancel a Course

If you need to cancel your place, please give as much notice as possible so we can ensure your place is allocated to another student. Except in the case of illness or emergency, we require (at minimum) 2 working days notice. We would prefer at least two weeks!

Failure to provide this minimum notice will result in your student record showing non-attendance and your School/Supervisor will be informed as part of the annual progress review. 

You can cancel any courses booked via MyCampus via the 'Drop Courses' option.

  1. Login to the 
  2. Under My Courses and Records, click My Student Centre > Enrollment > Drop Courses
  3. Select the course(s) you wish to drop
  4. Click 'Drop Selected Courses' and then 'Finish Dropping'
  5. You will then be unenrolled from the selected courses

In case of illness or emergency, you should register this via the My Absence function on MyCampus > Enrollment. This will then be recorded as an absence on your student record.


I can't find the mandatory courses on MyCampus?

All of the mandatory courses run by Researcher Development are hosted on Moodle, and you can access them on our Mandatory Courses webpage.

Other mandatory courses (as designated by your graduate school) may requirement alternative methods of enrollement. Please contact them directly for advice on how to register. 

I can't find a course on MyCampus when searching via keywords?

If your training handbook or our webpages contain the course code (e.g. RSDC 6025 - RSDC is the Subject Code, and 6025 is the Catalog Number) you should use this to search- this is the best way to find the correct course, as many courses have simmilar names but are for different graduate schools.

An example of the best way to search is below:

Screenshot of a search engine within MyCampus

Why are some optional courses not available to book via MyCampus?

Some of our courses, such as our Wellbeing and Safeguarding courses, are not available on MyCampus to protect researcher privacy. Instead, you can register for these courses via the Bookitbee/Eventbrite links circulated via email when each course opens for booking.

Other courses have competitive application processes, and hence these also require you to complete a form in order to showcase your interest in the course.

How do I join a waiting list?

If the course is full, please join the waiting list so we know there is demand. To join a course waiting list, log onto MyCampus and complete the following steps: Enrolment on a Waiting List

We often have cancellations in the week leading up to the course. If this is the case, you will automatically be moved to the attending list and will receive a confirmation email (with a list of all the courses that you are booked onto). The course will also be confirmed in your timetable, i.e. your status is updated from 'waiting' to enrolled.

You will get a reminder the Friday before the course.  However, if you were added to the waiting list at the start of the week and the course is later that week, you won't get a reminder. If you no longer wish to attend, you will need to cancel ('drop') the course, as described above.

I can find the course on MyCampus but it won't let me book?

If you can find the course but it doesn't let you book a space, this might be because it's only open to students from a particular College. For example, each of the four Graduate Schools runs their own academic writing course.

I'm getting an error message?

If you are getting an error message, please take a screenshot and log an IT helpdesk call, describing the problem. 

The course I want to attend is full?

Some courses fill up quickly at the beginning of the semester- but don't panic. Some courses are run multiple times throughout the year, so check back for alternative dates. You can join the waiting list for courses, and we suggest you do so as it allows us to guage interest and add extra dates if necessary. 

I can't see location information for a course on the UofG Life App?

It can take up to 24 hours for a course to appear on your UofG Life App, so remember to book well in advance of the course date.