How We Work

We are a multi-disciplinary team based in Research and Innovation Services

We each have our own areas of specific expertise, and we collaborate closely with specialist colleagues from across the university, to create a bespoke offer for all UofG researchers. We are active in our professional communities, and we share our learning designs openly across the sector.

Our team values

We are part of an ecology of partners in researcher learning, education and development. We recognise that development opportunities are everywhere, and we aim to enable researchers to locate and select the forms of development and support they need. We work closely with supervisors and PIs, the Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Groups and Teams across UofG as well as external experts.

We take the broadest view of ‘who is a researcher’ and welcome all PGRs and staff actively engaged in research work.

We insist on accessibility at the point of design as part of our commitment to creating stimulating, fair, and inclusive environments in which colleagues help each other to succeed.

We commit to open sharing of our learning designs and do so through our blog.

We encourage engagement through choice, and at the point of need, in line with adult learning theory.

We reject the deficit model, and value what researchers bring to UofG as well as take away. We recognise that the true value of discussions, networks and communities, is the people who take part in them.

We are aware that behaviour impacts on others more than knowledge and skills, and we drive for impact on enacted practices.

We know that experience counts with employers, we create ways for researchers to put skills into practice.

We committed to reflect, review, and enhance our provision regularly to create a contemporary offer. In this we work in partnership with the researchers themselves, through formal feedback, evaluation, and consultation. Have your say here.

Our ambition is that every researcher should be enabled to be at their best, and to make informed and active choices about their career ahead.