Postdoctoral Researcher Forum

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the career development of researchers, the University has established a Postdoctoral Researcher Forum.  The Forum's purpose is to provide opportunities for researchers to share their views / feedback as well as for information to be cascaded to local level, through a School or Research Institute representative. 

The group meets two to three times a year, in addition to representatives being invited to participate in School / College / University-level committees. If you would like to find out more, contact Elizabeth Adams.

I’m keen that this forum continues in the spirit in which it was set up, that being an opportunity for post-docs to come together, share ideas and experiences, and most importantly be solution orientated.

How does it work?

  • We will look for new representatives in January each year, or if a position becomes vacant. 
  • We’d like representation from both Garscube and the main campus and part time researchers are welcome. In some cases, there may be more than one representative per School to ensure representation from different buildings etc. or to share the time commitment of attending meetings.   
  • For representation to work effectively, we recognise reps need opportunities to meet other postdocs in their area. Funding is available for researchers to set up their own peer-mentoring groups, with the purpose of supporting career development, promoting collaborations and keeping the community informed of issues that may affect them.
  • Representatives will receive training on inputting effectively to strategic decision making.

What you will get out of being a representative

  • Experience of committee and decision making structures and processes in Higher Education
  • A better understanding of the current research funding and knowledge exchange landscape
  • Evidence of administrative experience and CPD, for P&DR, promotion or job applications
  • Ad-hoc opportunities to sit on funding review panels or similar
  • Opportunity to meet Colleagues from other parts of the University and find out what’s happening outside of your own group or field
  • Opportunity to contribute to making  Glasgow a great place to do research

Topics discussed by the Postdoc Forum 

  • REF and ECRs
  • The new Research Hub building
  • The Job seekers' register
  • The Careers Service 
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • The HR Excellence in Research Award

Who is your rep? (if this position is vacant, please feel free to volunteer!)

School of Critical Studies Shouchun Chien 
School of Culture and Creative Arts Jacek Olender 
School of Humanities  Hilary Young; Steph Rennick; Rachel Chin
School of Modern Languages and Cultures  
Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine Anneli Cooper
Institute of Cancer Sciences  Joel Riley
Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

Tamara Martin; Kirsty Mair; Lesley Graham; Ruth Mackenzie; Josie Fullerton

Institute of Health and Wellbeing Jana Anderson;  Richard Brunner; Arlene McGarty; Michele Hilton Boon
Institute of Infection Immunity and Inflammation Swetha Vijayakrishnan; Priscilla Ngotho 
Institute of Molecular Cell and Systems Biology Sue Krause; Maria Eirini Terzenidou
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology Maria Gutierrez-Mecinas 
School of Medicine  
School of Veterinary Medicine  
School of Chemistry  Amit Mahindra; Maryam Hajji
School of Computing Science
Sebastian Stein; Jan De Muijnck-Hughes 
School of Engineering Elijah Nazarzadeh; Erifyli Tsagkari; Richard Middlemiss; Katherine Rae
School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Matsyendra Nath Shukla; Mizra Moreau 
School of Mathematics and Statistics  
School of Physics and Astronomy Fiona Speirits; Dan Protopopescu; Akhil Kallepalli
Adam Smith Business School  Seemanti Ghosh  
School of Education    
School of Law  
School of Social and Political Sciences

Alasdair Stewart; Emily Long