Careers in Research Online Survey

The University of Glasgow participates biannually in the national survey CROS (Careers in Research Online Survey). CROS 2015 ran at Glasgow in April / May 2015 and had a fantastic response rate of 40% - thank you to everyone who responded.

What next?

High level results were reviewed by the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum (26th June 2015) are being disseminated to local contact points (including Athena Swan Self-Assessment Teams and College Research and Knowledge Exchange Committees) over summer 2015.  The Researcher Development Committee will agree actions in response to the survey at their first meeting in 2015/16.

Full results and actions can be viewed here (campus only).

Key results from CROS 2015

Improvements have been seen in the following survey areas, since the 2013 survey:

  • Satisfaction with P&DR
  • Integration into University community
  • Involvement in decision making processes and awareness of policy and strategy for early-career researchers (e.g. HR Excellence Award, Athena Swan, Vitae Researcher Development Framework)
  • Access to training and development and time spent on CPD (although it should be noted that the University aims to achieve a target of 5 days a year by 2016) 
  • Agreement that the ‘institution is committed to equality and diversity

Further information about the survey

Survey data is useful in reporting to funders / the EU, for monitoring implementation of the HR Excellence in Research Award and providing evidence for the environment section in the REF or Athena Swan accreditation. CROS is a national survey (administered by Vitae) but we are able to add insitutional questions. Our 2015 'Glasgow' questions were agreed by the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum, to allow us to focus on issues that they felt to be important and where we would like to gather more data.

If you have any questions about the CROS survey (including your local results) please contact Elizabeth Adams.

Find out more about the national surveys here. The next CROS survey will run in 2017.