This PhD Life October 2022 / January 2023 Presentations

Keynote (Oct): Prof. Alison Phipps - ‘Lumpy Crossings’: The Art of Finding the Wells.

Keynote (Jan): Prof. Stephen Forcer - This PhD Should Be A Life


Jessica Ireland-Hughes - Having The Right Mindset From Day 1.

Kirsten Somerville - Getting Through the Things You Don't Want To Do - And Why They Might Be Good For You!

Mariana Pintado Zurita - Doing a PhD as an International Student

Adam Gordon - Organisation and Time Management During Your PhD

Jingwen Zhou and Qian Jiang - Informal peer review group: supporting your PhD

Josie Fullerton - The Challenges of Research

Aimee Fletcher - Autistic in Academia: Advice I Wish I had at the Start of my PhD

Rosemary James-Beith - Field Work R&D - Using Research Funding in Year 1 to Scope Methods and Ethical Considerations for your PhD

Imene Zoulikha Kassous - The Challenges of Doing Research in a Multilingual Context (Perspectives from the Global South)

Tanvir Alim - Task Management During the PhD Fieldwork

Héloïse Guichardaz - Academic jobs during the PhD: What, Where and Why?

Ryan Field - Expectations of a PhD Student and a Healthy Work Life Balance

Karen Gordon - Shaping Your Research Questions Through the Ethics Application: the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Process

Zein Al Maha Oweis - How to tackle your first ever Academic Conference