Café Culture Workshops for Research Support Professionals

At Glasgow we recognise that our whole research community – both research-active and research-supporting professionals* – play an important role in making our research world-changing.  As such, our efforts to support a positive research culture must include research support professionals too. These workshops are an opportunity for our research support professionals at Glasgow to let us know both how they contribute to, and how they are affected by, the current research culture.  We will seek to understand how our research culture might be enhanced to provide greater parity of opportunity and experience for research supporting staff. We will also consider how we can better work together with research active staff, and others, to improve our research culture.

The workshops are based on the Wellcome Trust ‘Café Culture Toolkit’ as adapted for research support professionals by a group led by ARMA UK and the University of Glasgow. The University of Glasgow will be the first UK HEI to pilot this approach to the research professional community. Please join us and make your voice heard!

We will be running five Café Culture Workshops for colleagues in each of the four Colleges and University Services, please register for the events at:


* We define research support professional as anyone who plays a part in supporting research at Glasgow in any way.