Re-imagining Research Culture

Event held: 2 September 2019

As a sector we spend a lot of time assessing and obsessing about the inputs and the outputs of our research — the funds we attract and how our outputs advance knowledge and change society. But attention is now turning to how research is done, which includes the standards we adopt and how we interact with each other in the research community. This event brought together researchers, funders, policy makers and research managers to share the practical actions that promote a positive research culture, that is, one in which good practice and collegiality are the norm.

This event helped to raise awareness of policies and new developments, celebrate case studies, and generate new ideas.

Themes – collegiality, open research, research integrity, peer review, career development, credit and responsible metrics

Changing culture requires patience, but also creative ways of measuring whether we are moving in the right direction. We also shared the results of our first research culture survey.

This event was one part of a wider conversation on research culture and we intentionally kept it small to allow for focused and productive discussions. However, we are continuing to share the outcomes (and our survey results) in multiple ways and welcome additional input to these discussions.

Read our event report: Reimagining Research Culture Report (PDF)

View our Graphic Representation of the conference (PDF)



Miles Padgett, Vice Principal (Research), University of Glasgow

Research Culture, A funder perspective

Anne Marie Coriat, Head, UK and Europe Research Landscape, Wellcome Trust

Anne-Marie Coriat- A funder perspective (PDF)


What do we want the research culture to look like in 10 years’ time?

Lightning talks from the winners of our 2019 Research Culture Awards

  • Lilach Sheiner, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
  • Amy Nimegeer, Institute of Health and Wellbeing
  • Faye Hammill, School of Critical Studies
  • Nick Kamenos, School of Geographical & Earth Sciences

Panel discussion, Chaired by Nigel Leask, Research Integrity Champion for the College of Arts, University of Glasgow


Coffee break


Roundtable discussion on the themes of collegiality, career development, open research and research integrity.

Your allocated table will be on your badge and you will visit two tables for this session and then a third after lunch.

Discussions will focus on:

  • What have you seen working well – what good practice can we implement right now?
  • How can we innovate to address any challenges?
  • How do we track our progress or set targets towards getting there?




Positive steps towards a positive culture. Supporting, rewarding and celebrating. How do we know it’s making a difference?  Tanita Casci, Head of Research Policy, University of Glasgow

Tanita Casci - positive steps towards a positive culture (PDF)


Continuation of roundtable discussions 


Roadmap to the future

Table facilitators will present a short summary of discussions 

Building a culture that promotes research integrity – the challenges and opportunities ahead

Ian Boyd, Chair of the UK Research Integrity Office 

Ian Boyd UKRIO (PDF)



Miles Padgett, Vice Principal (Research), University of Glasgow