Amy Nimegeer Winner of 2019 Research Culture Award

Dr Amy Nimegeer, Institute of Health and Wellbeing has undertaken several important activities that have contributed to a positive and successful research environment.  Although this nomination refers to specific activities, it also aims to highlight the less tangible day-to-day practices in which Dr Nimegeer engages that promote a positive research culture. 

Dr Nimegeer has greatly contributed to the development of colleagues and students careers, through the organisation of, and participation in, mock interview and viva panels.  She has done so in a kind and constructively critical manner, fostering the positive development of these colleagues and students.  She has organised training opportunities to further develop staff and students research skills.  These activities promote a supportive and open forum for improvement in research within the Unit and more widely across the University.  Dr Nimegeer co-leads the Unit’s Professional Develop Group and internal writing retreats, which offer staff and students an opportunity to write in a focused, supportive environment – conducive to the production of high-quality, rigorous research away from the various distractions of University life.  Dr Nimegeer donated her time to contributing to the successful running of the Unit’s Milestone Year Event (2018), which celebrated the PhD studentships that have taken place within the Unit over the past 20 years.

Dr Nimegeer greatly contributes to the University’s public engagement strategy, through the co-design and dissemination of the Understanding Health Research tool. This online tool promotes the engagement of the public with health science.  She also developed The Booth of Confusion, a public engagement activity designed to promote the Understanding Health Research tool, which she has presented at European Researchers Night at Glasgow Science Centre and an MRC Festival of Medical Research event at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. Her contributions to these and other public engagement activities demonstrate Dr Nimegeer’s approach to honest and transparent research practice that is of benefit to, and communicated to, the wider public.    

Dr Nimegeer has organised a range of training courses for staff and students, including workshops on conducting content analysis (2018), critical appraisal and peer review (2016/2017). 

Dr Nimegeer greatly contributes to a positive research environment through a variety of initiatives that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.  She leads the Unit’s Social group, organising a variety of social events that encourage a collegiate support system that extends beyond the day-to-day working environment and helps to integrate new members of staff and students to the Unit and wider Glasgow.  Dr Nimegeer has also been instrumental in providing supportive inductions to several members of staff and visiting students. More broadly, Dr Nimegeer’s professional work towards promoting a positive research culture is evidenced in her willingness to include students and other ECRs in the design of research projects, as well as engaging more junior colleagues in groups that promote the development of good research practice.