Celebrating your colleagues who are creating a positive research culture

Nominations for this year's awards are now closed. 

The winners will be announced at the UofG Research Culture & Engagement Celebration on the University's main Twitter account @UofGlasgow on Wednesday 9th of June. Follow the announcements using the hashtag #UofGRCEAwards.

Good research thrives in an environment in which colleagues support each other to succeed.  

The University of Glasgow Research Culture Awards were launched in 2019 to recognise and celebrate activities which promote collegiality and contribute to a positive research culture at the University. 

Collegiality includes acting as a role model or leading on initiatives to promote:

  • A collegial culture, which supports others to succeed. Examples include participating in mock panels or peer review panels, contributing to career development activities for early career researchers, supporting co-authorship and co-investigator status on grants, sharing contacts and networks (e.g. relating to impact-generating activities), passing on opportunities to earlier career or less senior colleagues to present or participate in meetings or conferences, and nominating colleagues for external recognition.
  • Good research culture at University of Glasgow level. Examples might include sharing best practice or leading / delivering support, innovations or improvements that go beyond an immediate research group or subject, contributing to policy or external initiatives (e.g. through professional bodies, Equality Charters and learned societies).
  • Good research practice and research that is more open, honest and transparent, thus supporting colleagues to show collegiality towards the community at large.
  • This award also reinforces the revised focus of the 2019/20 academic promotion criteria, which set the expectation that professors share their expertise and knowledge across all research dimensions – including outputs, award generation, PGR supervision, and impact.

 Eligibility and criteria

  • Nominees must be current members of University of Glasgow staff and can be nominated by University of Glasgow staff and/or students. The award is open to any member of staff, from any job family, who has made a strong contribution to the research culture. Research is interpreted here in the broadest sense, to include impact and innovation.
  • Team nominations are permitted. Teams may span more than one academic unit or College. 
  • Submissions must refer to activities undertaken within the last three years: from January 2018 to January 2021. The nominated staff member need not have been in post at the University of Glasgow for the entire three years or necessarily be in post in April 2021.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.

Four awards are available each year.  A personal prize of £600 is available for each award.  Prize winners will be announced at the at the Research Culture & Engagement Celebration, hosted by the Principal, on 9 June 2021. Full details will be announced shortly.

You will be asked to provide a statement of (maximum) 600 words which outlines what the nominee(s) has done and why the award is deserved, as well as some evidence of the impact of activities. This evidence should also highlight the way in which the activities have been undertaken to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

Nominations will be showcased on the University of Glasgow webpages to share approaches and best practice across the University. Please mark any supporting material as confidential, if you do not wish this to be shared. We won’t include any testimonials on the web but these can be included in a submission.

The closing date for submitting your nomination is 31 March 2021.

Previous Winners (2020

Previous Winners (2019)

Research Culture Awards 2021

Highly Commended

The judges also highly commended the following nominations:

Qammer H. Abbasi

For influencing early career researchers and supporting senior colleagues through his excellent coordinative and collegial personality. Colleagues have described Qammer has highly collaborative and always willing to offer support. Qammer is known to go above and beyond to help in sharing funding opportunities, preparing proposals and sharing industrial and academic contacts. He has carried out a highly impactful research work on diabetes, non-invasive contact sensing, 5G Healthcare. Qammer sets an example of an inclusive leader, researcher, colleague, and academic and has nurtured a vibrant research culture at UofG.

Lizelle Bischoff

For the enthusiastic contribution of her expertise and experience to the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity at College/University and School levels; and the development of collaborative projects on African cinema, women filmmakers and film festivals which support colleagues and reach out to various external partners. Colleagues have described Lizelle as having energetic devotion to developing research on African cinema in a collegial manner and is celebrated for her positive energies and team leadership skills.


Stephanie Rainey, CVR, Lilach Scheiner, III, Virginia Howick, BAHCM, Greg Weir, INP, Michele Hilton-Boon, IHW, Stacy Robertson, ICAMS, Julia Cordero, Beatson, Jo Birch and (formerly) Oliver Maddocks, ICS

For lobbying for ECR priorities at MVLS College Management and for building a bi-direction communication channel across MVLS institutes. The group have come together to represent the interests of the ECR community and improve the experience of all ECRs across the College of MVLS. Some achievements can already be seen, such as facilitating enhanced clarity about the process of contract extension post furlough and lobbying for the removal of penalty period between applications for grade 6 to 7 promotion.

Research Culture Awards 2021

Dr Chris Halsey, Dr Mia Perry, Dr Lorraine Work and Susie Smillie talk about their approaches to improving the research culture within the University.