Research Culture and Careers Group

In 2019, we established a new cross-university group to support the University's ongoing aspirations to strengthen its positive research culture. The group will share practice, and advise on communications and monitoring of progress, as well as pilot and embed innovations in researcher development and research culture. The Research Culture and Careers Group is a sub-committee of the University’s Research Planning & Strategy Committee (RPSC).



  • To plan, pilot and implement University-level initiatives to promote / support a positive research culture.
  • To devise and conduct internal monitoring of progress (e.g. through surveys)
  • To inform and approve the University’s annual external reporting with respect to culture and good practice and also manage internal communications and sharing of practice (to ensure visibility of the agenda)
  • To ensure consultation with relevant staff groups /career stages and maintain links with other culture-related work (e.g. equalities groups, other staff or PGR surveys, Technician Commitment, Postdoctoral Researcher Forum and local ECR groups or research committees) to inform all actions.



  • Elizabeth Adams, Strategic Workstream Lead for Research Culture (Lab for Academic Culture)
  • Tanita Casci, Head of Research Policy, co-Lead and founder for the Lab for Academic Culture
  • Sam Oakley, Researcher Development and Integrity Specialist (R&IS)
  • Fergus Brown, Head of HR (College of Medicine, Veterinary and Life Sciences)
  • Gillian Shaw, Head of HR (College of Arts)
  • Linsey Robertson, Business Development Manager (College of Science and Engineering)
  • Fiona Heatlie, Head of Research Business Development (College of Social Sciences)
  • Kirstie Wilde, Head of Research & Operations Strategy (College of Arts)
  • Alice Gee, Policy and Business Intelligence Manager (College of Medicine, Veterinary and Life Sciences)
  • Lesley Cummings, Head of Performance, Pay and Reward (HR)
  • Michelle O'Hara, UofG Library
  • James Hamilton, Director, Organisational Development (HR)