Susie Smillie

Susie Smillie has significantly enhanced the research culture at UofG by providing support, guidance and training for researchers undertaking emotionally demanding research. Susie has made a significant contribution to research training, peer support and policy, both locally within the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (SPSHU) and at a wider institutional level.

Susie has voluntarily driven efforts to improve research integrity in a way which seeks to limit  the impact of emotionally demanding research on the mental health and wellbeing of the researchers involved. Examples of Susie’s work include but are not limited to, leading focus groups within SPSHU to develop guidance, contributing to and providing feedback on new online training for PGRs and ECRs across all Colleges, supporting the introduction of University wide peer-support webinars for fieldworkers as well sharing strategies for resilience with researchers struggling while working from home, and establishing a formal peer support and mentorship scheme.

Susie has contributed a remarkable amount of dedication to providing actionable feedback on policies and training. Susie facilitated the PGR Integrity Training and has contributed critical feedback to improve the sessions. A colleague of Susie’s has noted that the training wouldn’t be anywhere near as comprehensive without her input and expertise.

Susie’s contribution to the integrity training has helped to collectively enhance and change the culture of how UofG conducts research.

Susie Smillie

Susie Smillie talks about her hopes of setting up a peer network at the University of Glasgow to share support.