Mia Perry

Dr Mia Perry was nominated by a number of colleagues for her unsurpassed commitment across the University of Glasgow and beyond to research and development in the field of education and sustainable development.

Mia is the co-founder and director of the Sustainable Futures Network along with Dr Deepa Pullanikkatil, an interdisciplinary collective that brings together researchers, practitioners and communities across very diverse contexts. The collective aims to understand, research and develop practice in socio-ecological sustainability in Africa, Europe, South America, and South East Asia. Under Mia’s leadership, the SF Network has grown to over 100 active members and supported a wide range of research, community development, knowledge exchange activities, and influenced the direction of policy in many arenas.

Mia has worked with and nurtured both local and international partnerships within and beyond academia, and in doing so has accelerated her colleagues’ grant-writing and impact work. Her work is founded on ethical partnerships and collaborative, interdisciplinary research which has forged new pathways to support university culture and practices in sustainability, education, and international development. Mia established the Centre for Sustainable Solutions alongside Professor Jaime Toney, highlighting her commitment to research culture at the University.

Mia has been praised as having created a positive, inclusive research culture for PhDs and early career researchers.  Mia’s collegiality, support and mentorship has transformed her colleagues’ research and has been instrumental in making the university pre-eminent in the field of sustainable development.

Dr Mia Perry

Dr Mia Perry talks about creating a research culture that is responsive to the communities with which she works.