Lorraine Work

Dr Lorraine Work was nominated by numerous colleagues for her incredible support for early career researchers and women in science. Lorraine has been instrumental in supporting students throughout the COVID-19 period by producing a nurturing environment where her students have felt part of a wider research community. Lorraine’s inclusive and diverse scientific community has solidified her students’ ambitions to pursue careers in research.

Lorraine has been described by her colleagues as a clear example of an inspirational researcher that creates the most positive environment for research and early investigators to thrive. Lorraine has supported her team by encouraging them to apply (and be successful!) for several small funding applications to consolidate their CVs and is always trying to identify and provide opportunities to them through her roles on national committees, such as organising the BRAIN & BRAIN PET 2022 meeting. 

Lorraine has been a champion of equality, diversity and inclusion by promoting women in science during the International Day of Women in Science. Lorraine coordinated the collation of  73 profiles of inspiring women within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Science (past and present) and these were displayed around ICAMS highlighting the important role women play in science. She has also attended a variety of public engagement activities including bringing science to schools.

All who nominated Lorraine provided personal testaments highlighting her supporting and inspiring nature, proving her to be an incredible ambassador for science, equality, diversity, inclusion and a positive research culture.

Dr Lorraine Work

Dr Lorraine Work talks about supporting early career researchers within her Institute.