Chris Halsey and Athena Swan V.O.I.C.E Committee of Institute of Cancer Sciences


Dr Chris Halsey (Institute of Cancer Sciences) and the Athena Swan V.O.I.C.E Committee have instilled a culture of openness and regular discussion of equality, diversity and inclusion into the Institute of Cancer Sciences (ICS).

Chris and her team have launched a number of initiatives which have successfully promoted a positive research culture in the ICS. The initiatives include, but are not limited to, promoting the success and support of early career researchers by bringing ICS into the Network for Early Career Development (NERD) consortium, highlighting the benefits of team science, successfully gaining Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support (ISSF) in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Education for “Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace”, ensuring gender balance at invited seminars, promoting mental health awareness and wellbeing through events such as Mental Health Week and creating and sustaining channels of communication about EDI. Importantly, equality  initiatives have now begun to occur as grassroots events within ICS, rather than only being organised by the AS team. 

Chris has made an enormous contribution to research culture in the ICS through her work as the chair of the Athena SWAN (AS) team, resulting in an AS Silver Award in 2020. Chris and her AS team, including Prof. Joanne Edwards (led Student initiatives), Prof. Mhairi Copland (led AS Bronze initiative) and deputy Dr. David Bryant (now chair of AS committee), led ICS not only to the AS Silver Award, but more importantly, they transformed the research culture at the ICS.

Chris has worked to narrow the gender gap within the ICS and has successfully contributed to the enhancement of inclusivity, and a positive research culture at the University of Glasgow.



Dr Chris Hasley

Dr Chris Hasley talks about creating a positive research culture in the Institute of Cancer Sciences.