EPSRC IAA 2017 - 2020

EPSRC IAA 2017 - 2020

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has awarded the University of Glasgow a £1.69m Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) to increase the global impact of the University through greater levels of external engagement and entrepreneurship.

The Impact Acceleration Account supports a range of interventions with a focus on investments that pump-prime wider KE activities and impact generation. The IAA aims to deliver this by focusing on 4 core objectives:

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Partnership development
  • Researcher mobility
  • Capacity building and culture change

The EPSRC IAA provides funding to build on previous EPSRC-funded research projects. Examples of eligible activities include: prototyping, collaborative development, enterprise/industry secondments, and travel to meet with collaborators or attend industry events. The IAA Management Group will announce activities that will support networking and relationship building and involve relevant staff. There will also be directed calls throughout the IAA period.  

If you would like to apply for EPSRC IAA funds, speak to a Business Development, Research Development, KE or Impact Manager in your College to discuss your proposal before submitting.

Download the EPSRC IAA 2017-20 Standard Application Form

Download the ‌EPSRC IAA 2017-20 Fast Track Application Form for projects £3,000 or less.


Eligibility Requirements

Applications are only permitted for projects focused on the exploitation of knowledge or technology generated through EPSRC-funded research. The scheme will not fund new research projects. Previous, relevant EPSRC-funded projects must be cited, providing title and grant reference number, along with a short overview of the work. Links to the proposed IAA project must be clearly described. The PI for an IAA application does not need to be the PI or collaborator on the prior linked EPSRC project. PhD projects supported by EPSRC-sponsored DTC’s and CDT’s are also eligible as underpinning research.

Typically, eligible partners are UK-based companies (or UK sites of international businesses), charities, and third sector organisations. If your project is with a non-UK organisation, then please discuss eligibility with the IAA Manager prior to writing a full proposal.

Proposals must:

  • describe the area of knowledge or technology to be developed;
  • briefly outline the research base on which it builds;
  • describe the current stage of development and how it will be moved forward by the proposed IAA project;
  • provide details on the opportunity that will be addressed by this project, backed up by evidence of demand from the market and / or stakeholders and any other impact drivers
  • outline the current barriers to exploitation/application;
  • provide details of anticipated project outcomes and impacts, including how they will be achieved, within what timescales, what mechanisms might be adopted to realise them, and how they will be measured;
  • address projects risks and outline mitigation strategies;
  • demonstrate that an appropriate IP strategy is being adopted.

Proposals which obviously do not address these criteria will be deemed ineligible and be rejected without going to the review panel. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your proposal with the EPSRC IAA Manager Keith Dingwall prior to submitting a proposal.

Application Deadlines

Impact Acceleration Account – Proposal Submission deadlines

The call for IAA project applications closed on Monday 3rd June 2019.


Please note that Fast Track proposals can still be submitted at any time.




Funding Arrangments

It is preferable that collaborative partners will contribute cash to the project, although “tangible” material contributions from industrial collaborators may also be considered. Acceptable equivalent value partner in-kind contributions could be in the form of specific staff time undertaking part of the project, access to equipment, provision of materials, consumables, or other items.

Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge

Ownership and usage of new IPR developed in the project will be negotiated. A signed Collaboration Agreement will need to be in place prior to the project starting.

Costing and Eligible Costs

IAA grants for standard projects are expected to be in the region of £5,000 to £40,000, depending on the stage of the project. Fast track projects can be up to £3,000 in value. While the funding will not include FEC, it is designed to be flexible and to cover items such as University staff to undertake the project, consumables, required small capital equipment items (less than £10K), access to specialist facilities and sub-contract expertise, and travel. Please note, however, that PI costs will not typically be covered. Speak to Kevin Kininmonth or Keith Dingwall for advice on preparing your IAA project costing.

Assessment of Applications

Project applications will be assessed by the IAA Review Panel. Applicants should write their proposal for a non-specialist audience and avoid using discipline-specific terminology and acronyms.

Application assessments will take into account:

  • The link to the EPSRC-funded research base to be exploited, its quality, and the potential scope for impact (i.e. new products or processes, jobs created or safeguarded, cost savings, increased profits, new policies, improved healthcare, etc.)
  • A clear explanation of how funding will be used to achieve impact from research output
  • Strength of involvement of external partners
  • Quality of the business case, including evidence of demand from companies or end-users; a clear definition of the requirement; a plan of activities and outcomes; understanding of potential follow-on activities; and, a clear definition of services to be offered or technology to be created
  • Potential for securing or leveraging additional funding. A particular priority for the EPSRC IAA is projects that are designed to deliver outputs that will form the basis for Innovate UK applications.
  • Value for Money

Key outputs, outcomes and impacts

This table provides examples of the types of outputs, outcomes and impacts on which the success of the Impact Acceleration Account will be assessed. Please consider these when completing your IAA application form.

Outputs, outcomes & impact table


Project Monitoring

As the success of an IAA project will be based on the quality of the impact of the activities funded, the IAA Project Manager will work closely with all projects to ensure objectives are achieved, monitoring progress against pre-defined milestones. Upon completion, a Final Report, agreed and signed by all partners, will be required. In addition, case studies, focusing on the outcomes and benefits of the work undertaken, shall be developed.

Application Submission

You are advised to contact the EPSRC IAA Manager or a KE Associate for advice and guidance prior to submitting your application. Electronic submissions are acceptable for proposal review purposes. Completed applications should be submitted to Keith Dingwall.

Download the ‌‌‌EPSRC IAA 2017-20 Standard Application Form

Download the EPSRC IAA 2017-20 Fast Track Application Form for projects £3,000 or less.

Second Impact Acceleration Funding Call for Research Associates

Please note that this call is now closed.

  • Are you an EPSRC funded Research Associate?
  • Do you have a vision that could develop your research to create impact?
  • Can you demonstrate the leadership skills to drive a project from funding application, through delivery to a successful outcome?

The University of Glasgow’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) is pleased to announce a second call for applications from EPSRC funded Research Associates for project proposals which will develop impact based on their research.

For this call we will fund a project or projects with a total maximum value of £20,000. Eligible costs include salary, travel, consumables, access to facilities and sub-contracting. Project activities can include:

  • Collaborative development in partnership with industry or other external stakeholder;
  • Secondment into industry to take forward the application of research outputs
  • Secondment of staff from an external partner to work on a project on-site at the university
  • Proof of concept activity within the University
  • Prototype / demonstrator development

These are examples of the type of work which could be undertaken through this funding - we strongly encourage innovative proposals. If you are unsure of the eligibility or any other aspect of your idea please get in touch with Keith Dingwall, IAA Project Manager to discuss your idea further.

This aim of this call is to provide RA’s with an opportunity to lead their own Knowledge Exchange and impact generating activities. The project is likely to be undertaken at the end of your current research project; however there can be flexibility in timing to suit the circumstances. Projects must be driven by the individual researcher, and approval from your supervisor/research project PI is required. Note that some Research Fellows can also apply - please contact Keith Dingwall to discuss eligibility.

To be eligible for this funding you will need to be able to demonstrate a link between your proposal and EPSRC funded research. This does not need to be the project that you are working on currently and could be a previous or related project. Where appropriate a suitable industry champion or KE mentor should be identified and incorporated into the proposal. If you are not able to identify someone, we will work with you to identify a suitable person. In addition to a completed Standard IAA Application form please provide in the covering email with your submission a short statement outlining how you expect that the award of this funding will support your career development.

One of the aims of the EPSRC IAA is to stimulate culture change by involving early career researchers in impact-related activity and to support them in the creation of industrial partnerships and development of non-academic networks. By leading an independent project RA’s will strengthen their track record, enhancing their chances when pursuing opportunities such as fellowships or positions out with academia.

The deadline for applications is Monday 3rd June 2019 at 10am. Please use the EPSRC IAA 2017-20 Standard Application Form‌ for your proposal and refer to the eligibility criteria and assessment criteria outlined above. If you have an idea for a projects and would like to discuss it further please contact IAA Project Manager Keith Dingwall, tel. 0141 330 4752.

Case Studies - Successful IAA Projects

IAA Knowledge Exchange Associates

Following a call for proposals in late 2017, a range cross-disciplinary research themes within the College of Science and Engineering were awarded EPSRC IAA funds to enable the appointment of Knowledge Exchange Associates to focus on the development of industrial and non-academic partnerships and other KE activity within a specific area. EPSRC IAA Knowledge Exchange Associates are helping to deliver projects that are increasing the levels of enterprise and entrepreneurship, researcher mobility, as well as capacity building activity leading to culture change.

The IAA KE Associates are happy to work with staff in supporting industrial engagement, commercialisation and proposal development within their respective themes. They are:

Kirsty Annand – Semiconductor Photonics

Ahmed Zoha – 5G Technology and its Applications

Caroline Hogarth – Industrial Biotechnology / Healthcare Technologies and Medical Engineering