GCRF Small Grants Fund 2019-20

The University of Glasgow anticipates receiving an allocation of £2.2 million to be spent in 2019/20 on GCRF initiatives. This amount is based on the currently available indicative allocations. Final funding decisions are normally announced in early summer. We are progressing with the call however please note that all applications recommended for funding in this call are subject to final confirmation of the allocation from the Scottish Funding Council.

As in previous years The GCRF Small Grants Fund, an internal competitive scheme, will be used to allocate available funding to a range of projects across the University. All funding must be committed by March 31st, 2020, project activities must be complete by June 30th, 2020 (with some exceptions - see the Highlight Notice) and all reporting must be completed on funded projects by June 30th, 2020.

This year’s allocation of funding is intended to support six types of applications. Each application type will use the same application form. Lead Applicants may submit a maximum of one application in support of a Fellowship or Masters student plus a maximum of one application for a return visit to a community or communities involved in previous activity plus a maximum of one application of any other type. The six call types are:

  • Research Projects that have potential to develop into larger research initiatives through widening and deepening relationships with LMIC partners and conducting smaller scale preparatory studies. Projects can include funds to have LMIC-based researchers visit Glasgow.  
  • Meetings and Exchanges to develop and/or strengthen relationships with LMIC partners to progress potential collaborations.  This can include exchanges of MPA, technical or research staff to create new research management, financial, or technical networks, or meetings to develop research ideas and strengthen collaborative partnerships.
  • Administrative Support for existing research networks that are transitioning from nascent to self-sustaining.
  • Capacity Strengthening ( e.g. training courses) to build research, technical and administrative skills in UofG and/or LMIC organisations to increase capacity to deliver collaborative research activities.
  • Fellowships for LMIC researchers, tenable at the University of Glasgow, for up to 12 months to undertake a specific research project while embedded in a University of Glasgow research team.
  • Masters Studentships for LMIC students to undertake a 1 year University of Glasgow Masters programme. Please note that nominated students will need to secure a conditional offer from Glasgow before the April 30th deadline to be eligible.

The application deadline is 23:59 on April 30th, 2019. All applications and approved costing proformas must be submitted to GCRF@glasgow.ac.uk

Read the UofG SFC GCRF Strategy.

Download the Presentation - Small Grants Briefing Session 2019-20.

We encourage all applicants to contact Mary Ryan to discuss your application and it is mandatory that you contact your local College Research Support Team as part of the application process. The selection team would like to see strong applications and Mary and your local teams can work with you on this.