KE and Impact Repository

The University's Enlighten repository now includes a 'Knowledge Exchange and Impact' function, allowing you to record and document non-academic collaborations, consultations, public or any other external engagement, knowledge exchange or impact-generating activity related to or stemming from your research.

The access to this extension of Enlighten is campus-only but can be accessed from off-campus via VPN or Remote Desktop.


The repository is intended to:

  • help staff track externally-facing activities, contacts/collaborators and any documentation or information related to or arising from these activities;
  • create a personal record of activities, impacts and evidence that can be downloaded and accompany the academic to another institution, if they leave UofG;
  • help build up a picture of potential impact generation and supporting evidence that can feed into College/University-level REF pipeline discussions or monitoring;
  • easily contribute information on any externally-facing activities to staff web profiles and P&DR forms (later-stage development).

Access and Guidance

Access to the repository is campus-only and can be accessed off-campus only via VPN or Remote Desktop.

Staff (and research students) will be able to log in using their GUID to create a repository record. Records will be visible/linked to the GUID(s) of any listed researcher in a particular record and can be edited/updated by them. Access detailed 'User' guidance notes on each field of the repository here (PDF) (requires login with GUID).

Where access has been granted to one as an ‘Editor’ (e.g. where administrative or other staff already upload to Enlighten for PIs), this will continue for the repository. Editor can input records and view/approve any new records for the School/Institute whose access they have been given. Access detailed 'Editor' guidance notes on each field of the repository here (PDF) (requires login with GUID).

'Reviewer' access ,granted usually to the Business Development managers, enables only viewing of records which are deposited under the School/Institute/College whose access they have been given. 

‘Super-user’ access (able to input records and to view/ approve any new records) will be strictly limited, and assigned on a College basis (usually the College impact manager), to allow the necessary monitoring, evidence-gathering and reporting where records support REF impact case studies.


College-level super-users and administrators who have received repository training are able to provide in-house training/guidance for their College academics and other staff to build and manage records on the repository, with support from the Library and R&I Impact teams.


Initial population of repository

Any records deposited before April 2017 have been transferred over and are in the process of being reviewed and deposited in the repository. Information from pro formas for impact case studies is being transferred in as new records, in order to support the Colleges in their REF impact evidence-gathering and monitoring purposes.


Please direct queries regarding the repository to the University Research Impact Manager (Rose-Marie Barbeau at