Together with the University of Bristol and King’s College London, the University of Glasgow is a co-founding partner of Easy Access Innovation – a collaborative project to promote new ways of sharing intellectual property with industry. The partnership was established in March 2011 following a Fast Forward award from the UK Intellectual Property Office

Our portfolios of Easy Access IP aim to increase the engagement between universities and industry, and accelerate the transfer of university knowledge and expertise into the hands of the best commercial partner who can develop it to benefit the economy and society.

There are five key principles to which we are committed:

  • We want to maximise the transfer of knowledge
  • We’re not solely driven by monetary aims
  • We want simple transactions and agreements making it easier for industry to work with us
  • We retain sufficient rights to pursue further research (academic and commercial)
  • To reach our goal of disseminating our knowledge widely, we retain rights to publish

You can browse our portfolio of Easy Access IP technologies which are available for licensing.

For more information contact:

Louise Mitchell
+44 (0)141 330 2730