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Winner - Network for Social & Educational Equity

In the last eight years, The Robert Owen Centre has developed an innovative model that helps schools work together to make significant improvements that tackle attainment and spark sustainable change.

More than 100 school teams have developed collaborative projects using the Network for Social and Educational Equity (NSEE) model. 

The Network, led by Professor Chris Chapman, facilitates school-to-school partnerships which are established and moderated to develop and embed evidence-based strategies. These strategies are designed to tackle education inequality.

Teachers are encouraged to work with colleagues within their own school and with partner schools, to allow educators to share effective strategies with others.

The approach is cited as best practice in the nation-wide school self-evaluation guidance (How Good is our School 4). One participating local authority saw numeracy attainment increase by 14% (P4) and 11% (P7) since 2016, while literacy increased by 9% (P4) and 13% (P7); changes attributed to the approach.

The NSEE team have been recognised for working with teachers, parents and local authorities to improve life for school children in Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

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Network for Social & Educational Equity

Stuart Hall, senior researcher at the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change talks about the NSEE model designed to help schools work together to make significant changes to support all children.