ORCID at the University of Glasgow

ORCID at the University of Glasgow

What is ORCID?

An ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent digital identifier that will distinguish you from other researchers. It can be added to Enlighten and to your publications to ensure that they are identified as yours.

ORCID is also a registry and your ORCID profile is managed by you and can be linked to a range of information such as publications, grants, education and employment history.

The University of Glasgow is one of over 300 members of ORCID, a non-profit organization supported by a global community of organizational members, including research organizations, publishers, funders and professional associations. In the UK Universities and Jisc have organised a national consortia agreement with ORCID. By September 1.65M live ORCID IDs with links to 4.3M DOIs

Why do I need an ORCID?

ORCIDs, unlike names are unique so they make it easier to clearly credit and attribute research to individual researchers. They are now required for grant applications for the Wellcome Trust and many publishers now use them.

How do I get one?

ORCIDs are free and they are yours, they are not tied to the University but will be used by University systems including Enlighten to link publications. You can use your ORCID through your career, whether you change name, institution or discipline.

Registering for and ORCID profile only takes thirty seconds on orcid.org

What do I do next (and what about Enlighten)?

Tell us! Once you have an ORCID please contact the Enlighten team via deposit@lib.gla.ac.uk to let us know what your ORCID is. We can add it to your Enlighten record. Later in the year we will integrate ORCID registration via Enlighten so that ORCIDs will be automatically added into Enlighten and into Core.