Researcher development for staff

Personal development

Work/Life Balance

People Skills

Research governance and organisation

Fieldwork in complex or hostile environments

  • Preparing for fieldwork in complex or hostile environments - Online course signposting to practical advice, resources, policies and support as well as some first hand stories and scenarios for you to consider. Themes include risk assessments, safety, travel advice & health and wellbeing.

        Feedback on this would be gratefully received.

Presentation on where the money comes from to make the University work

Managing research projects

Making funding applications

Each College has a team to suppport you with planning and managing research funding proposals and may offer training that is specific to the type of funder you are likely to interact with. 


Managing data

Research integrity and ethics

Peer Review

Careers advice and workshops


Events and Talks

Postdocs in COSE and MVLS - Don't leave career planning to the last minute - join us on the first Friday of every month for a careers lunch, 12noon to 1.30pm on Level 4 of the Sir Alwyn Williams Building. Speakers are different every month. Lunch is provided. Contact Elizabeth Adams for further details of the speakers. 

The College of MVLS run an annual careers workshop for PGRs.  Research Staff are welcome to attend (no need to register).  The next event is Wednesday 27th March 2-4pm in the Senate Room.
SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) also have an annual careers event. 
The III NERDs network also run regular careers events. 

Getting started as a new researcher

Early-career researcher networks at UofG