Exam timetable

August (Resit) Examination Timetable

To Be Confirmed

Assessment Type Descriptions

Please refer to the Infographic of Assessment Type Descriptions for more information on the different types of assessment that will be used.

What to expect from your exam timetable

When are my examinations?
The majority of the University’s exams take place during the main examinations periods. However, some programmes of study require exams scheduled outside of these periods. Please contact the relevant School or Research Institute for exam dates out with the main examination periods.

When are timetables made available?
We always aim to publish the timetable 4 weeks before the exam period begins, and we will make the timetable publication date and the examination period dates available on our website at the start of each academic year.    

How do I access my timetable?
Students are notified via email when the exam timetable is published. Timetables for each School and Research Institute can be accessed on the Registry website.

Can I see my timetable sooner?
The timetable is dependent upon course enrolments, and as these vary the timetable is different every year. Students can change their enrolments until the end of week 2 of teaching, and whilst a lot of preparatory work before this date, work cannot begin to create a clash-free timetable until enrolments are finalised. 

Who sets the dates and times of my exams?
Examinations are timetabled centrally by the Registry Team, in line with University agreed guidelines. The guidelines are aimed at achieving a balance between producing reasonable student timetables, meeting requests from academic departments and taking into account room size and availability.  Exams are timetabled in GMT (UK time).

What is the timetabling policy?
You should not normally expect to sit to sit more than three examinations in two days or a morning examination the day after an evening examination. Registry will take all reasonable steps to ensure that these conditions are met, however as timetables are subject to several constraints your timetable may not always fit within these guidelines.

Why are my exams on consecutive days, or 2 exams on the same day?
Sometimes it is impossible to avoid scheduling exams on consecutive days or placing two exams in one day. This is due to a large number of students registered on courses requiring examinations during a limited period.

What happens if I have additional support and/or access arrangements for my exams?
Some students have additional support and/or access arrangements for their examinations, these arrangements are made to provide support for a disability or other personal circumstances. Requests for support are agreed by the Disability Service and added to a student’s MyCampus record.

You will find the dates of your exams in the main timetable. In addition, you will receive personalised information by email to your University account from your School’s disability coordinator.

What happens if I have temporary adjustments for my exams?
Some students have a temporary adjustment for their examinations, these arrangements are made to provide support for a temporary personal circumstance which can impact on their ability to complete an examination. In most cases these are arranged around a temporary physical injury. Requests for temporary support are agreed by the Head of School and Clerk of Senate so please contact the relevant School or Research Institute for further information.

Exam statistics
In December 2019, Registry scheduled 496 exams for 16,244 students in a 9-day period.  This equated to 41447 individual sittings or candidate instances, and 59 of the exams had between 200 and 660 candidates.