Student Life Survey

Please note that the Student Life Survey for 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The Student Life Survey of all undergraduates (excluding final year) begins at the University of Glasgow on 2 April. This guide has been produced to help you support students through the survey process.

What you should tell your students

The Student Life Survey is a university survey, co-ordinated by the Survey Team in Planning, Insights & Analytics. It is carried out by the University from 2 April until 31 May.

The survey is a chance for undergraduates to feedback on their experiences of teaching and learning. This is an opportunity for them to tell us what went well and what could have been improved. Knowing what undergraduates think allows us to address issues and keep doing what is valued.

The survey is confidential and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Individuals will not be identified from the results.

Students can see the impact of previous surveys: You Said, We Did!

How will students find out about the survey?

The University and SRC will be promoting the survey to help encourage as many eligible students as possible to complete it online and to give their feedback. The more students who complete, the more representative it will be.

Eligible students will receive an email from UofG Surveys asking them to fill in the survey with a link to the MyGlasgow Student Portal ( where they will see the My Surveys box which provides a link to the survey:

Student Life MyGlasgow link 2020

Staff Resources

If you have any questions about the NSS 2020 please contact: 
Jacqueline MacGowan - 0141 330 4856
or Jacqueline Jack - 0141 330 2551

How will Student Life be carried out?

The survey is carried out by the Survey Team in Planning, Insights & Analytics and the questionnaire is hosted online by Jisc Online Surveys.

On 9 March undergraduate (excluding final year) students will receive an email from UofG Surveys asking them to complete the survey. 

Any students who have not completed the survey within the first couple of weeks will receive further reminders. The survey will close on 31 May.

Note: Colleges and Schools do have the opportunity to change the start and end date of any emails regarding the survey. To do this, contact Jacqueline Jack before 9, ext. 2551.

Personalised emails from Schools and Colleges

Previous surveys have shown that students are more likely to respond if they receive personalised emails from Colleges/Schools; particularly if they come from a member of staff (academic or administrative) that they know. 

We can securely provide email addresses of students to you to make sure you are reaching the correct population throughout the survey.  We can also remove students who have already completed the survey as it progresses so that they are no longer contacted.

Alternatively, we can send customised emails with your wording and signature from the UofG Surveys email address.  We would be grateful for your help with this option, particularly if you see your response rates are low when we provide weekly updates. 

What will be asked?

The survey questions are broken down into the following areas:

  • Degree Programme organisation and time management
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Library and other Learning Resources
  • Student Services in the Fraser Building
  • Careers Service
  • Other Student Support Services
  • Gaelic Language
  • Accommodation, Facilities and Transport
  • Students' Representative Council (SRC)
  • Students' Unions
  • Overall Satisfaction

Students are encouraged to take a broad view of the whole course and will have an opportunity to comment after each section, as well as at the end of the questionnaire.

What if students don't want to take part?

We strongly encourage students to fill in the survey as soon as possible because their experience and views are very important. However, it is not compulsory. 

Students are able to opt out and can let the University know at any point if they do not want to take part, either by responding to the invitation email or by emailing UofG Surveys:   

How will I see the results?

Results will be made available during the summer.