Additional Investment on Campus

Additional Investment on Campus

Issued: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 09:03:00 GMT

The SRC recently wrote an open letter to the University’s Senior Management Group expressing concern at the potential impact the increase in student numbers might have on the student experience.

The letter was timely, and SMG has responded with details of a number of initiatives designed to ensure that students across all programmes of study have a high quality experience both inside and outside of the classroom and that staff feel equally supported.

To accommodate the increased number of students, up to £2m has been made available to convert and refurbish teaching and study space across the campus.  This is new funding and is in addition to the longer term plans to provide additional teaching and learning space in the new building on University Avenue and, subsequently, on the former Western Infirmary site.

As a matter of priority, there will be an increase in the number of teaching areas that are equipped with digital recording technology. This will continue until all lecture theatres offer this facility.

The library will be open 24 hours a day during the December exam period. If demand is deemed to be high, the University will consider funding this all year round.

A commitment has also been made to increase the complement of academic staff in areas that are experiencing growth to ensure that all students receive high-quality teaching and supervision without overloading existing members of staff. 

The exam timetable is being evaluated to ensure that it does not place undue stress on any individual student. The draft proposals will be ‘road tested’ with the assistance of the SRC.

An extra £200,000 is also being made available in this and subsequent academic years for Counselling and Psychological Services (CaPS).  This additional funding supports the new Mental Health Action Plan, published jointly between the University and the SRC and covering staff as well as students. Further resources to support implementation of this plan and to support Disability Services will be made available if required.

In collaboration with the SRC, the University will encourage as many students as possible to complete the Welcome Survey, so that the University can obtain sound feedback on the experience of new students.

There are many positive things happening at UofG. The University has gone up eight places in the THE World University Rankings, been named Scottish University of the Year in The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide, and our major campus development programme is now fully underway; prioritising the building of new learning and teaching space.

The increase in student numbers is largely planned and budgeted for.  However, an element of the increase results from the growing popularity of the University leading to a rise in acceptance of offers.  The University is aware of the impact of this and are taking steps to safeguard and enhance the quality of the student experience and provide the best possible working environment for staff.