Moodle Active Learning and Teaching project

Moodle Active Learning and Teaching project

Issued: Fri, 08 Jun 2018 10:40:00 BST

Staff with an interest in using Moodle for facilitating active learning are being asked for their views for a development project.

The LEADS ‘How To Moodle’ group is currently running a LTDF-supported project called the 'Moodle Active Learning and Teaching' project (or MALT for short).

Acess online resources 

The MALT team, which includes two student interns, is producing a set of digital resources that staff involved in teaching can use to support active learning through Moodle.

To access the resources visit

Take the survey

As part of the process, the team are undertaking an investigation of how active learning can be enhanced through the use of digital technology. This information will be used to inform a series of CPD sessions on active learning that LEADS will be delivering next session.

The first phase of their research into active learning using Moodle involves completion of a brief online survey.

To take the survey please visit:

Join a focus group

A later phase of the project will involve a series of focus groups where the MALT resources will be shared and evaluated by staff.

These focus groups are proposed to take place in late June/early July.

To take part in the focus groups please book your place on Moodle: