Social Enterprise Training for UofG academics

Social enterprise offers an alternative route to impact for university research and one which we would like you to consider and explore. Research & Innovation Services have launched a new initiative called Innovating the Future to promote, develop and sustain social enterprise as an alternative set of models for academic spin out opportunities for all academic colleagues. Our goal is to build an innovative social entrepreneurial ecosystem, delivering high-impact world-leading research from all disciplinary foci to the populations who will benefit most.

Would you like to increase the impact of your research through a mission-driven social enterprise? Join us at our introductory Zoom webinar sessions or sign up to our online training platform.

Introductory sessions:

Sign up below to come along to one of our sessions and find out more:

College of Arts & College of Social Sciences Webinar – 12 – 1pm, 24 August 2021

Colleges of Science & Engineering and MVLS Webinar – 12–1pm, 26 August 2021 

Online training platform – Inclusive Innovation Programme

The Inclusive Innovation Programme is designed to support exploration of the social enterprise models. If you would like to learn more about defining your research as a business problem, how to build a business case or learning more about socially/ environmentally focused business models, the e-learning programme is comprised of eight easy-to-follow, video-based courses with everything you need to know about social purpose business.

The Inclusive Innovation Programme delivers digital training; 1-2-1 business support from CEIS, the UK’s leading social enterprise development agency; legal support from MacRoberts LLP; and support to internationalise your idea from the Challenges Group, one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises delivering support in over 70 countries; as well as from the University’s  IP & Innovation team, which we hope will lead to a new generation of academic social entrepreneurs, providing new sustainable jobs, and highly impactful evidence-based research to Scotland and internationally.

Sign up to the Inclusive Innovation Programme.

First published: 23 August 2021