New Carer Policy Announced

Issued: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 12:03:00 GMT

Almost 1,000 colleagues told the 2018 staff survey that they had some form of caring responsibility to ‘look after or give help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others who have a long-term physical or mental illness or disability, or problems related to old age’.

The University surveyed carers in 2019 to find out what could be done to help.

A new policy, “Supporting Staff with Caring Responsibilities”, has now been produced.

More details are available on the webpage

The policy provides support for those who have caring responsibilities including – where appropriate – emergency time off and additional short term leave. Anyone who has a caring responsibility can opt in to the ‘Carers register’ on CORE by accessing ‘my profile’, ‘diversity’, ‘background’ and marking ‘yes’ when asked ‘are you a carer?’ It’s quick, easy and completely confidential.

Line Managers should also familiarise themselves with the policy and what they can do to help colleagues who have caring responsibilities. Your local HR representative is happy to provide additional guidance and support.

Peter Aitchison, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, gives his perspective on being a carer and what the new support means to him.

Carer policy video