500 miles to tackle Beast from East

500 miles to tackle Beast from East

Issued: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 16:15:00 GMT

We asked Estates and Commercial Services what it took to get the better of the Beast from the East once the snows arrived.

Some key statistics

  • More than 30 individual staff involved between Wednesday through to Sunday in snow clearing operations.
  • Approximately 500 miles travelled by snow-clearing fleet and all-terrain vehicles.
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of tons of snow shifted using ploughs and shovels.
  • Over 20 tonnes of de-icing salt spread across key campus locations after the snow was cleared.
  • Additional areas outwith University responsibility cleared to provide pedestrian access on University Avenue, University Gardens as well as access roads across the campus for food deliveries, bin lorries and other essential vehicles.

Several campus buildings had to be cleared of dangerous icicles with steeplejacks being deployed using rope access techniques to cover difficult-to-reach areas.

All campus buildings were checked for heating and hot water throughout the period and repairs organised when necessary. Roof leaks and burst water pipes were attended to, checked and repairs instructed.

Barry Morton, Head of Technical Services, said: "This has been the most challenging incident I can recall in the five years I have been at the University. The fact the University was fully reopened on Monday was a true testament to the staff who worked tirelessly through dreadful conditions.

"Support was provided from operational staff and supervisors across Technical Services including grounds staff, engineers, plumbers, painters and stores. Colleagues from Transport services and Cochno Farm joined the call for help and were key to the success. The teams worked closely with colleagues in security services and the janitorial teams, with regular briefing meetings prioritising key areas to maintain access and to ensure as many areas could be reopened as quickly as was safe to do so."

Lorna Campbell, Head of Facilities Services, said. "I’m delighted at the One Team approach that was adopted during the last few days. Staff really rose to the task and it was great to see Facilities Services and Technical Services staff working for the common goal of ensuring the University was fully open for business."