Issued: Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:51:00 BST

Today ( 8 August) marks the official launch of the University’s #TeamUofG campaign – part of the wider Recruitment Marketing team’s (External Relations Directorate) on-boarding initiative to welcome new students to UofG.

New students (UK based) have been sent ‘Team UofG’ temporary tattoo transfers in their welcome packs with the aim that as many of them as possible will wear the tattoo and share it on their social media channels.

These will be collated on the dedicated Team UofG webpage: www.glasgow.ac.uk/teamuofg.

International students will be able to download a digital version (Snapchat sticker) from the website.

Collaborating with the Social Media team (Communications and Public Affairs), the project group have produced a campaign video incorporating some well-known faces around campus (take a look - you might just feature!). The video will be supported by a social communications plan - celebrating students getting into world-changing Glasgow and welcoming them into the UofG family.  

Rachel Sandison, Executive Director, External Relations said: "We are delighted to welcome our new world changers to the University and this campaign provides the opportunity to celebrate their success in joining the Glasgow family. The campaign mixes direct mail with social/digital media to create a sense of excitement and belonging in all those students joining us in September. During Freshers’ Week the messaging will be further activated across the campus with the support of the SRC.’

Campaign activity began today, in time for Highers Results day, and will pick up again for A-levels results on 17 August. We would be delighted if you could support the campaign across your own social media channels by sharing the campaign video and ideally creating your own individual messaging.

Support the Campaign

  • Share the #TeamUofG video from the main UofGlasgow Twitter and Facebook channels
  • Share additional video and picture content from the main Twitter and Facebook channels
  • Wear the tattoos and create bespoke content for your own channels – a photo of you and other members of your team/school/college wearing the tattoos (with accompanying text below), a short video for Twitter of you/and others wearing the tattoo and saying ‘Welcome to Team UofG’ or anything else creative you can come up with – boomerangs, Instagram stories etc.
  • Spread the word in your Service, School or College to get as many people as possible to get involved!

Example Tweets for 8th August & 17th

  • Congrats to everyone getting their #examresults*  today & coming to @UofGlasgow. Can’t wait to welcome you to @UofGengineering [insert your handle] #TeamUofG (with photo/video)
  • Welcome to #TeamUofG! #examresults (with photo/video) 
  • Looking forward to welcoming you to a world-changing university in September. You’re now part of #TeamUofG! #examresults

Suggested Facebook/Instagram message:

  • Congrats to everyone getting their SQA Highers/ A Level Results today! And if you’re coming to Glasgow we can’t wait to welcome you to #TeamUofG

Emma Gilmartin, Social and Digital Media Manager, Communications & Public Affairs ‘We’re really excited to launch the campaign today on our Social Media channels. We hope as many of our social media users across the University as possible will jump on board and join us in celebrating and welcoming our new students to #TeamUofG’

if you would like some tattoos – please contact Katy McNair, External Relations at Katy.Mcnair@glasgow.ac.uk

Any questions about getting involved with the campaign on social media, please contact Emma Gilmartin or Daniel Marrable

*Please note that this might not be the # trending on the day so please check on Twitter what the most used Highers/results day hashtag is. Always include #TeamUofG