Support the AFRIpad Fund

Support the AFRIpad Fund

Issued: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:14:00 BST

A group of students from the University of Glasgow’s female engineering group FemEng are heading to Rwanda to teach engineering workshops to schoolgirls.

While in Rwanda, the group are hoping to help young women who cannot afford sanitary products by providing them with AFRIpad kits.

AFRIpad Fund

AFRIpads are reusable sanitary pads, which can be washed and re-used for over a year

They need your help!
Sponsor the project by visiting FemEng in Rwanda AFRIpad Fund

One AFRIpad kit costs just £5 and can help a young woman stay in education.

Last year, 18% of Rwandan females missed school or work due to their menstrual cycle. This loss of productivity means that Rwanda misses out on $115M per year, not forgetting the personal issues which arise (The SHE28 Campaign).

To follow the FemEng in Rwanda team, connect to their Wordpress blog and Facebook page.