28 September: Guidance for students returning home

Issued: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:50:00 BST

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this difficult period. We appreciate there is a huge amount being asked of you at the moment, and recognise the sacrifices you are making.

On 27 September the Scottish Government published new guidance around leaving halls of residence to return home [Scottish Government guidance on visits home]. This covers both short visits and moving on a permanent basis. We have summarised the key points.

Returning home or a visit or short stay

Once you move into halls, you have formed a new household. The current guidance allows no mixing between different households indoors, which prevents travel home for short visits.

However, exceptions to this rule apply where there is shown to be a reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse may include a family emergency or for health and wellbeing reasons.

The Scottish Government have also said they want students to be able to safely return home at Christmas and will update the guidance in due course.

Returning home whilst self-isolating

As no mixing of households is permitted at the moment, this should only be done if you need the support and care of a friend or family member. If you do need to return home, you should follow the guidance on self-isolating to make sure it’s done as safely as possible. Public transport should not be used in these circumstances.

Reasons for returning home whilst self-isolating can include physical, financial or mental health support. The household that you are returning to would have to self-isolate on your arrival.

If this situation applies to you, please contact the University’s Accommodation Services to let them know you are leaving and so necessary arrangements can be put in place. If you are returning to your student accommodation, please also let Accommodation Services know in advance.

Returning home on a permanent basis

You are allowed to permanently relocate your residence at any point. If you choose to do so, the guidance on self-isolation will apply.

If you plan to leave on a permanent basis, you will need to contact Accommodation Services in advance to let them know. Once you have left you will not be permitted to return to University accommodation in this academic year.

How to claim your £50

In order to credit the £50 which we have offered all students we need you to action the following steps:

  • Please log on to MyCampus and check, validate and update as appropriate your Refund Bank Account Details in the Student Centre. This bank account needs to be the account details to which their £50 will go – there is a check box next the bank details that shows what the account will be used for.
  • If there is only one account set up and this is to take the Direct Debit Payments, these bank details will also default to be the Refund Account.  Therefore, if the account to which the £50 should be refunded is different to the DD Collection Account then you will need to set up a new bank account and check the box for Refund. For help with this, please follow this guide - https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/Media_387375_smxx.pdf
  • If you do not update your details, the £50 will be credited to the default account, which may be a parent, for example.

The deadline to carry out this check and update if required is 5pm Tuesday 29 September. If you have no bank account details within your Student Centre, the £50 will sit on your account until such time as a Refund Account is added. Payment will therefore be made in the weekly payment run thereafter.

Please take care of yourselves and look out for each other during this difficult time. We will continue to communicate with you over the coming days to keep you informed of any latest developments.