26 March 2020: Update: Information about examinations

Issued: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 09:01:00 GMT

On 19 March, we explained that we are proceeding with assessments for year 3 and 4 honours students, students on the designated degree, the final 3 years of integrated masters and also taught postgraduate students, in the April/May examination diet.  A small number of year 1 and 2 assessments will also be undertaken, as detailed in our previous message.

These are extraordinary times, but we believe it is in your interests for these assessments to proceed. They will enable us to take more informed decisions about your capability and ensure that your progress is not delayed unduly. It is particularly important that we ensure that final year students can be awarded their degrees.  The timetable for these assessments is in preparation and we expect to release this by the end of next week.

Please be assured that we are doing all we can to ensure these assessments run as smoothly as possible.  We are acutely aware that the current Coronavirus pandemic will be causing a great deal of disruption, distress and anxiety to many of you. We will therefore be varying our regulations in order to ensure that the impact of these circumstances is taken fully into account.  Further details of the revisions to our Good Cause procedures will be issued soon, and will be available online at www.gla.ac.uk/help.

Your school/institute will issue further detailed guidance after the assessment schedule has been published.  We are also creating detailed guides to support you with undertaking assessments online, and developing materials to support you in studying and revising at a distance. 


Professor Jill Morrison

Clerk of Senate & Vice Principal