20 March 2020: Important message on graduations and Commemoration Day

Issued: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 09:12:00 GMT

Dear students and members of staff,

The situation with COVID-19 has been extremely challenging and continues to be fast-moving.  I hope that you, your friends and family and fellow students and fellow colleagues are safe and keeping well. Please look after yourself and check our Coronavirus webpages for the latest information and guidance, a series of FAQs and links to sites that provide specific health and travel guidance.

The safety of our University community is the priority in all that we do, and we have been trying to provide as much information as quickly as possible over the past few days. Difficult decisions have had to be taken which impact on all of us. We are encouraging colleagues to flexibly work or to work from home, and are introducing measures that will provide social distancing for those who do come on campus.

For students we announced a move to online teaching and online examinations.

Now we want to advise that this summer’s graduation ceremonies will no longer take place. We are also postponing Commemoration Day.

These are decisions that were taken with regret and after a great deal of careful consideration. However, we felt it important to provide certainty at an early stage to ensure that our students and their friends and families in particular didn’t make plans that would have to be cancelled later.

The degrees which students have worked so hard to earn will of course, be sent out at the normal time. And we are also planning to hold a day, or days, of celebration of all of the achievements of the new graduates of our University here on campus at some point in the future.

Students will be required to enroll to graduate as normal so that we can ensure that the University gathers all the relevant information to allow the parchment to be sent out. Further details on this will be issued soon.

All of the academic and professional services staff who look forward to sharing the special time that is graduation are extremely sorry, but we realise that this is only a fraction of the disappointment that students will be feeling.

For those who would expect to graduate in November, our hope is that these ceremonies will be able to proceed as normal, but we will confirm that at a later point.  

For our students studying with our partner institutions in China and Singapore, we will write to you with further details concerning arrangements that will be made for marking the completion of your degrees.

Again, our sincere apologies at having to make, and communicate, this very difficult decision. Our very best wishes to all students as they complete their studies and to the whole of our University of Glasgow community at this difficult time. Please, all of you, do take care of yourself and of those around you.

Professor Jill Morrison

Clerk of Senate


This is an update to our previous message to confirm that whilst we deeply regret having to postpone this summer’s graduation ceremony, we will be holding similar days which will replicate the typical graduation event at some point in the future. We promise the full Bute Hall experience with robes, official photographs etc.

We have to issue the degrees, which students have worked so hard to attain, at the normal time to allow for jobs or further study to be taken up.

We really regret that we will not hold physical ceremonies in the summer. But we will – we promise – provide the full graduation experience for all of our tremendous students.