Moodle upgrade 2020

  • Moodle upgrade: Tuesday 22 December 2020, 9am to 12pm
  • Mahara upgrade: Tuesday 5 January 2021, 9am to 12pm

Moodle and Mahara will not be available at the above times and dates so that IT Services can carry out the upgrade work. Moodle will be upgraded to version 3.8.6.

December 2020: Bug fixes and general improvements

  • Fix to ensure starred courses can be ‘un-starred’ if un-enrolled from a course.
  • New White on Black theme will be added to the Moodle Accessibility Tool
  • Enhance Class CSV Export - Add group and user status fields to class export of users.
  • Further improvements on Accessibility
  • General bug and security fixes

December 2020: New Moodle plugins


The Questionnaire module allows course owners to create a wide range of questions to gather student feedback e.g. on a course or activities. The goals of the Questionnaire module are quite different from those of the Moodle Lesson or Quiz modules. With Questionnaire you do not test or assess students, you gather data.

PDF Annotator

The PDF Annotator activity allows students to insert questions, comments and remarks on learning materials in PDF format directly into the document.

New Quiz Question Types

All or Nothing Multiple Choice

Allows the selection of multiple responses from a pre-defined list and uses all-or-nothing grading (100% or 0%).

Word Select

Allows the creation of text where one or more words are indicated to be the correct answers.
All words can be selected by clicking on them. Correct words are defined by surrounding with delimiters e.g. The cat [sat] on the mat.

Multiple True/False (MTF)

In Multiple True/False ("Type X") questions, a number of options have to be correctly rated as "true" or "false".


In Kprime questions exactly four options have to be correctly rated as "true" or "false".

Pattern Match with Molecular Editor

A question type where the user enters their response using the JavaScript Molecular Editor, and the response is then graded using the OU's pattern-match algorithm.


This is a new Quiz Question Type for Moodle with random values and multiple answer fields. The answer fields can be placed anywhere in the question to allow the creation of questions involving various answer structures such as coordinate, polynomial and matrix. Other features such as unit checking and multiple sub-questions are also available. These functionalities can simplify the creation of questions in many fields related to mathematics, numbers and units, such as physics and engineering.

Music Theory

The Music Theory Question type is designed for music theory instruction. It currently supports various exercises.