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Assignment: Setting up Urkund (plagiarism detection software) to allow one submission by each student

Download PDF guide for - Setting up Urkund (plagiarism detection) to allow one submission

This guide gives instructions about how to enable Urkund within Moodle Assignment and only allow students to submit once.  There are separate guides to setting up and using Moodle Assignment.  If you choose this method, you will need to set up two separate activities for draft and final submissions, as Senate Office policy stipulates that students must be able to have the option of submitting a draft.

Enabling URKUND within Moodle Assignment

  1. Click Submission settings to expand the section
  2. Set Require students click submit button to Yes, this means students will only be able to send their submission to Urkund once.
  3. As long as Require that students accept the submission statement is set to Yes, students will be asked to accept the Senate Office Declaration of Originality. They will not be able to submit their assignment to Moodle without accepting this.
  4. The other settings should be left as they are.

Group submission settings

If you do not plan on using group submissions skip to the URKUND plagiarism plugin section.

Students submit in groups:
If this is set to Yes, students can collaborate on an assignment.
Important: If no groups have been created prior to using this setting, then Moodle will create a separate default group of each student in the course. For example, if you have 30 students, then you will end up with 30 default groups. To avoid this, set up groups before enabling this setting.

Require group to make submission:
If this is set to Yes only students who are allocated to a group can submit. If this is set to No students who are not allocated to a group will be added to a group called ‘default group’. This means that if one member of the ‘default group’ uploads an assignment all others will be able to see it.

Require all group members submit:
This setting is only available when requiring students to click the Submit button (i.e., the "Require students click submit button" is set to Yes). The assignment will not be considered submitted until all group members have made a contribution. Group members will be able to see who in their group has submitted or still needs to submit.

Grouping for student groups:
If a particular grouping is chosen, then the gradebook will display the group names from the chosen grouping but will put all other groups and students into a default group. If None is selected, then the gradebook will display the names of all groups and will put any non-grouped students in the "default group.” See this forum post on grouping for student groups for examples of how this might be used.

URKUND plagarism plugin.

  1. Click URKUND plagiarism plugin to expand the section.
  2. Set Enable URKUND to Yes.
  3. In When should the file be submitted to URKUND select Submit file when student sends for marking.
    This means that students will only receive one Urkund report and they will have to check the Submit box to do so.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save your settings.

Please note the following

  • The receiver address is a generic address for the University. Please do not change this.
  • Always show students the similarity score and report.
  • It is advisable to leave the “send student email” set to Yes.


 Creative Commons License
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