You can scan, print and photocopy using the Multi-Functional Devices or MFDs on Levels 4-10 of the Library and in the McMillan Reading Room.

Swipe your student or staff card over the ‘Pull Print’ logo on the printers, then select Print, Scan or Copy. A photocopy, or a print of a scan, will cost the same as normal printing and credit will be taken from your print credit balance:


  • 5p for an A4 
  • 7p for A4 double sided


  • 15p for an A4
  • 27p for A4 double sided

Self-service photocopying

There is a dedicated photocopier for use by external visitors in the main Library. You will need a code and a PIN to use this copier so please ask staff for details.

What can I copy and what about copyright?

There are strict limits to what you may legally copy. Copying is permitted for research or private study, and the maximum allowed is a single copy of up to one article from any one issue of a journal, or up to 10% or one chapter of a book.

Copying for commercial purposes require copyright stickers (£15 + VAT per article) which are available on request from the Welcome Desk, Level 2, University Library.

Staffed Photocopying Service - PG Students Only

  • What is it? - We can provide copies of print materials held in the Library which are needed for research or study (charges may apply). Please contact for more information.
  • Thesis copying - Many of our thesis are available free of charge from - If an item is not available via the EThOS service we may be able to provide a digitized copy directly to you. Please contact to enquire about availability (a £20 charge applies).
  • How long does it take? - Please allow 7 days for your request to be processed.
  • What do I have to do? - Make sure that the item you are looking for is held by the Library. Remember, online versions of many books and journals are available.
  • Contact for staffed services - Document Delivery Service -