Research Support for staff

Resources for research

The Library is here to support your research in whatever way you need.

We offer a wealth of print and electronic resources, as well as expertise in areas such as open access, research data management, bibliometrics, and search techniques. We will work with you to ensure that the resources that you and your students need are available.

Contact your College Librarian for a one to one discussion about your individual research needs and how we can best support you.

Acquiring research material

Each College within the University has a budget for acquiring research material, e.g. books, journals and other electronic resources such as databases. Your College Librarian can advise on College/School specific arrangements for purchasing research material.


An online book suggestion form is available. You can also e-mail your College Librarian directly with book suggestions.


To check if we subscribe to a journal use the specific Journals search. If we do not have the journal you need, get in touch with your College Librarian. They will be able to advise if funds are available to start a subscription. If it is not possible to start a subscription, or if you need access to an individual article you can request articles via your Library account.


To check if you have access to a database check the Databases by name listing. Contact your College Librarian to discuss whether it will be possible to set up a trial of a new database. Funds are not always available for new subscriptions, particularly those involving ongoing costs.

Other materials

Contact your College Librarian directly about acquiring other types of material for the Library, e.g. audio-visual material, maps,

Inter-library loan/Document delivery service

In some cases, it may be quicker and more cost effective to borrow an item from another Library or purchase an individual copy of an article for you. To request this you need to log into your Library account.

Effective searching

College Librarians can work with you to advise on the best search techniques for your area of research. They can point you towards the most relevant online databases and remind you of effective search strategies. They can advise on specific types of searching such as systematic reviews. College Librarians can also develop and run sessions for your students on how to search effectively

Bibliometrics and altmetrics

Open access and data management

Information on open access and data management:

Reference Management

College Librarians can advise you on the reference management options available. Within the University EndNote Online and EndNote desktop are supported.

Various online guides are available to help with using EndNote Online:

Library Collections

The Library has an extensive portfolio of collections ranging from early manuscripts to contemporary research. The vast majority of the material in our collections can be found using our online catalogue. Your College Librarian will be able to give you an overview of the collections within your own area of research. In addition to the material held in the main Library building our collections are also stored at our remote store (the Library Research Annexe), with our Special Collections department, and within the University’s Archives.