Secure Electronic Delivery via BL OnDemand

The Secure Electronic Delivery service via OnDemand offers a link to articles supplied by the British Library to be sent directly to your email address. These articles are supplied faster than postal photocopies and are accessible to you anywhere for up to 3 years.

How does it work?

Log in to your library account and select the option to ‘Request journal articles not available via ArticleReach’ and we will arrange for the article to be sent to you.

You don’t have to request your articles differently. Just submit an online request form in the usual way (via your library account) and we will arrange for the article to be sent to you.

The article link will be sent to the email address attached to your library account and the sender will be You must download the article within 30 days of receipt of the link.

If this is the first time using this service, you must complete a one-time registration form.

Click on the ‘Register for On Demand’ link on the download page.

You will be asked to create a username and password.

You will then be issued with an account number.

Next, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account by clicking the link and completing your personal details. Please note it can take up to 10 minutes for your account to be activated.

Return to the download page and enter your username or registered email address before you click to download your document. You will see the following prompt:

Enter your username and password to access the document. You will need to enter these details every time, unless you click the ‘remember me on this computer’ box, don't check this box if you are using a public/shared computer.

Once downloaded the document will be locked to your username and will not be able to be accessed by anyone else. You can only print one copy of this document.

The document is not automatically saved, therefore you must save it when prompted. Once saved, you can access the document for 3 years.

If you do not save the document, you can still access it on any device from the download link for 30 days from the date of the original email.

We recommend that you save or print the document immediately, however we advise not saving the document to a public/shared pc.

If for any reason you are unable to download the article in time, please contact

If the British Library are unable to provide the article you want, we will try to obtain it from another library. However, in these cases the article will either be supplied as a photocopy by post or via a password encrypted link.

If you are unable to or would prefer not to receive your articles electronically, you can specify that you want a paper copy on your request form.

Setting up

To access your article you need to have Adobe Reader version 10 or higher.

Adobe Reader :

If you are not already using Adobe Reader, then you must disable your browser’s default viewer. The Chrome PDF viewer can be disabled by typing ‘chrome://plugins’ into the address bar then scrolling down to ‘Chrome PDF viewer’ and clicking ‘disable’.

You must have access to the internet to download your document each time you open it.