Need something we don't have?

The ILL requesting service is currently limited nationally.

If the item you want isn't held in the library, we can try and obtain it for you from another library via the InterLibrary Loan Service (ILL).

Please note that charges may apply.

Journal Articles

The quickest way to obtain journal articles is to login to your Library Account and request via ArticleReach.

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for then select ‘Request journal articles not available via ArticleReach’ and we will try and obtain a copy from another source.

Articles supplied via the ILL service will be supplied via an email link which may include a username/password to access the document.

More information on ArticleReach

ArticleReach is a free service that allows University of Glasgow staff and students to request a journal article we don't have.

You can also find links to ArticleReach from the 'Find More' button which appears in some of the Library’s databases.

If the article you want is not held at the Library, choose ArticleReach and your request will be sent off to a number of libraries that hold the journal. You will receive an email to let you know when the article is available for you to view or print. Articles are available to view for 30 days. Requests can also be tracked via your Library Account

If an article is not available from one of the ArticleReach libraries, you will receive an email asking if you would like us to try to obtain the article from other locations.

UK Theses

Many UK theses are now available via EThOS.

If the UK thesis you want is not available through EThOS or you need an international thesis, login to your Library Account and choose 'Request a Thesis'.

Books or Book Chapters

Login to your Library Account, if you require one chapter from a book then please use the ‘request a book chapter’ form to receive a pdf copy via email.

If you require a whole book on loan then use the ‘request a book’ form. There is no charge to you for the initial request however renewals will . Non collected/consulted items will also incur a fee of £5.00 per volume.