Group Study in the Library

Group Study Rooms

Levels 2 and 3 of the Library are group study areas – there are 40 group study booths, tables and pods on Level 3, another 40 on Level 2.

There also group study rooms that you can book online.

Each group study room can accommodate up to six people and is bookable for one two-hour period per group/per day.

Clyde & Kelvin theatres

University staff can request use of the Clyde and Kelvin Theatres for teaching, presenting or events, by visiting MyGlasgow and choosing Book a Room. Each theatre, located in the group study area on Level 2, can accommodate up to 40 people.

Please abide by our fair use policy

  • Maximum of one 2 hour booking per group/per day
  • Keep noise to a reasonable level and do not disturb others
  • Do not leave unattended belongings in group study spaces or rooms
  • Do not leave Library books behind when you leave a group study space or room
  • Keep areas clean and tidy – no hot food in study rooms or spaces
  • Study rooms are for groups of 3 people or more – if there are fewer than 3 in your group, then other groups may share the space
  • Postgraduate rooms are for postgraduates only - undergraduate students are not permitted in the Postgraduate Study Area

Library regulations apply to the use of Group Study Rooms.