Similar Software - more bibliographic software

In addition to the software for which this University has a site licence, there are a number of other programs commercially available.

Inclusion in these lists does not imply recommendation, endorsement or any local provision of support.

  • Biblioscape - bibliographic software for citations
  • Bookends Plus - reference management for Mac users 
  • Library Master: bibliographic and textual database manager (Windows)
  • Nota Bene: Software for Academic Research (includes Hebrew,Greek,Cyrillic)
  • Papers - for Windows and Macintosh
  • Refworks (web-based product - available free to NHS Scotland users)
  • Sente -for Macintosh or iPad 

Some products offer a free version which you can use on a project or essay:

  • Bibliographix - free "full version"
  • Bibus- free "open source" program
  • Jabref- free "open source" program for use with Latex/Bibtex software
  • Mendeley - web-based "software for research papers" - free with registration. "Desktop" version now available
  • Zotero -free open source product for use with Firefox browser. "Desktop" version now available