University Students, Staff and Copyright: Advice on the law

Copyright is intended to protect the authors and creators of original material.  The way the law on copyright works is to place restrictions on the copying of an original work.

As a student, you will want to photocopy or download material such as extracts from books, journal articles, images, web pages, etc. Members of staff will also wish to use such materials for their teaching. 

This material is likely to be covered by UK copyright law. 

Copyright regulation is not always straightforward, and it is essential that staff and students comply with the law.  Excellent advice on copyright is provided by Copyright User:

This is an independent website developed by leading academic lawyers in the field, including staff from the University of Glasgow and we encourage you to consult the site for advice.  The site contains material concerning copyright in education and provides answers to FAQs such as:  

In due course, it is intended that the University will develop a full range of resources on copyright which will also deal with specialist areas, including copyright in research.