Books - the basics

You can find books from the search box on the library homepage. You can type in keywords on broad topics (i.e. electronic commerce, hadron collider), or the title of a book from a reading list.

When you get a set of results, use the filter on the left-hand side to select 'Book / eBook'.

When you find a book you’ll have the option to see if we have a print, electronic or both versions of the book. Whether or not you can get a print book immediately depends on its Status, see below for more information.

Book status

Status is ‘Available’ or ‘In Library’

If the status is ‘Available’ or ‘In Library’ just take a note of the location and shelf-mark. The location will tell you if the book is in the main library, or one of our other libraries. The shelf-mark is your key to locating a book.

Here, the location is ‘Library Level 9’ and the shelf-mark is ‘English MA296 KRA’.

To find the book:

  1. Go to the English section of the library on level 9 (you can use one of several floor plans posted on each floor to help you do this)
  2. The English section will run from English A to English Z
  3. Now, within English MA296, follow the sequence to English MA296 KRA to find your book

You can borrow the book using the self-service machines in the library.

If the item you are looking for is not where you expect it to find it, please have a browse on nearby shelves.

If you still can’t find it then please complete our form to report a missing item or speak to a member of staff.

Status is 'Not Available' or 'DUE'

This item is checked out to another reader.

If you need the book, click the title and then use the 'Request it' button.

When it is available, you will receive an email informing you where you can collect it. This could take up to 8 days.

More information if you need something thats on loan.

Status is 'ON HOLDSHELF'

This item is awaiting collection by another reader who has requested it.

If you need the book, click on the title and then use the 'request it' button and you will receive an email when it is ready for you to collect.

Status is 'Reference Only'

This item cannot be borrowed and can only be used in the library.

If you need to copy or scan any pages from a reference only item, see more information on printing/scanning in the Library.

Status is 'Missing'

This item is no longer available.

If there is no electronic version available you can still request a copy using your library account. Enter your name (as printed) and 14 digit number printed on your University of Glasgow ID card to log in and select the ‘request book not held by this Library’ option.