Befriend the Library!

The Library of the University of Glasgow is one of the great libraries of the scholarly world and the Friends of Glasgow University Library (formed in 1975) aim to support it in every way they can (and enjoy themselves doing it!).

Firstly the Friends aim to support the Library in the acquisition of rare books, manuscripts, collections of papers and photographs of scholarly interest as and when such come on to the market - which often enough is at short notice. In such circumstances it is particularly helpful to the Library to have access to funds that may be made available immediately. The Friends will also assist in the purchase of specialist equipment such as software for digital mapping and on-line bibliographies. We have also contributed to the purchase of specialist conservation equipment.

We actively seek donations (including legacies) for this work. As a registered charity the Friends can benefit by the tax concessions available on donations made to it.

One of our fund raising activities is to produce a variety of greetings cards (using images from books and manuscripts found in Glasgow University Library) that are for sale.

Would you like to be ... a Friend?


Members of The Friends receive a Newsletter twice a year.

The Newsletter reviews all our meetings, has an article or two on Library topics, gives advance notice of future meetings and jaunts, publicises Friends business and promotes our activities including the sale of our large selection of Christmas cards, notecards and postcards.

You may download a PDF version of the latest newsletter below (please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat to read this):

How to help

To further Friends' work in assisting Glasgow University's Library to develop its scholarly resources donations are always welcome (and will always be gratefully acknowledged). You may give a lump sum, big or small, and you may use the Friends Membership Application Form to do this.

Since the Friends of Glasgow University Library is a registered charity (registered number SCO6553) you may (if you are a UK taxpayer) enable FGUL to recover the basic tax you have paid on any money you send us. Fill in the Friends Gift Aid Declaration Form accompanying the Membership Application Form.

You may want to consider helping us at a later date by leaving FGUL something in your will. More than a few members have considered this form of giving and the simple details of how to leave the Friends a legacy will be sent to you on request.

The Book Donor Scheme is a personal way of commemorating your period of study at Glasgow University.

You may also support us by purchasing our greetings cards and Christmas cards.

And of course you might Join the Friends and help us in all sorts of ways!

Book donor scheme

Commemorate your time at the University (or at a College now part of the University) and help the Library by making a donation (minimum £25, payable only in pounds sterling, please!) that will purchase a personalised book-plate that will be placed in a new book bought by the Library for a faculty of your choice. This service is provided by the Friends free of charge and you don't need to be a Friends member.

Other forms of commemoration (for instance, for more substantial donations) may be available, please enquire.

Send us your donation (by cheque or similar payable to FGUL) with your full name, years of study and your choice of faculty (or College). We will confirm receipt of your donation, the insertion of your bookplate and invite you to a function in the University with other donors to thank you for your help.

To send us your details, use the Friends Book Donor Scheme Form


Annual and Life Memberships are available. To join the Friends of Glasgow University Library (FGUL) and/or to make a donation please complete the following forms as appropriate and send by post to the address below.


The Hon. Secretary & Treasurer
The Friends of GUL
Glasgow University Library
Hillhead Street, Glasgow G12 8QE
United Kingdom

The Friends also have a Gift Membership scheme. For the price of an annual subscription (currently £15 minimum) you may buy a voucher to present to a friend that will enable him or her to enjoy a year’s membership of The Friends. Get in touch with the Clerk to The Friends, Alva Caldwell, to purchase.

You may also consider joining the book donor scheme.

See also How To Help.


In all cases you must complete, print and sign the form before sending it to the address below:

The Hon. Secretary & Treasurer
Friends of GUL
Glasgow University Library
Hillhead Street, Glasgow G12 8QE
United Kingdom