Connect to your office SSD workstation remotely

You can connect to your office SSD workstation remotely from home. This will give you remote control of the same PC you use most frequently at work. 
(This is not the same as connecting to the SSD Remote desktop service.)

Your office PC must be turned on for this service. 


This should work on PCs without any additional preparation. For Macs, you may need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

  • This remote session is with your normal primary PC, so all your normal software is available.
  • Please note video performance will not be good in this mode.
  • This service does not require access to the VPN to connect.

Connecting to your desktop 

  1. Visit your personalised connection file.
  2. Click on the RDP Connection File link (which begins with http://campus). This will offer to open or save a file.
  3. Save the file to open later or select open which will initiate a remote connection to your workstation.
  4. Login with your normal GUID credentials.
  5. You will be offered a connection from Select Connect to initiate a connection with your machine.

Your machines will remain connected until you disconnect.

Please remember not to select shutdown on our remote machine as there is currently no way to turn most machines on remotely.

A screenshot of the RDP connection file link in Sharepoint

A screenshot of the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box