SSD 10 security model

In response to increasing threats posed by malware, and in keeping with guidance received from the University's last security audit, SSD 10 supports a new security model.

This new model improves the security of SSD systems, reduces the risk of exposure malware, and keeps everyone's data safer.

There are four major changes to the previous security model:

  1. By default, all staff will be set up as normal users in SSD 10. For those who need admin privileges, there is a process to request it.

  2. Patching is mandatory, and the maximum time you can delay a reboot is 72 hours. Patching is centrally recorded and monitored, with local admin teams now receiving automated alerts when a machine falls behind the current patch revision level.

  3. Java is not installed by default, but you can add it via the Software Centre. Once installed, Java will now silently auto update.

  4. Flash is not installed. If you need Flash, use the Chrome browser, which automatically patches its own implementation of flash.