Information Policy and Strategy Committee (IPSC)

Information Policy and Strategy Committee (IPSC)

Papers should be submitted to the Clerk 3 weeks in advance of meetings.

IPSC Remit

  • To oversee the development and implementation of an IT Strategy that supports the University’s strategic objectives;
  • To ensure that the University’s communications and hardware infrastructure are fit to support the University’s current and future ambitions;
  • To maintain and develop effective and efficient business systems;
  • To advise SMG and Court on University policies with regard to information management and information security;
  • To ensure effective project governance of corporate IT projects; and
  • To ensure effective communication with students and staff on major IT developments.



  • Four times per year, reporting to SMG

Committee Members

Vice Principal (Academic and Educational Innovation)

IPSC Convenor

Prof Frank Coton
Vice Principal Strategy and Resources Prof Neal Juster
Secretary of Court or Deputy Secretary Dorothy Welch
College Secretary,Science and Engineering Gordon Duckett
Director of Finance Robert Fraser
Executive Director of Information Services and University Librarian Susan Ashworth
Director of IT Services Mark Johnston
Senate Assessor Nick Hill
College of MVLS  Tom Muir
President of SRC  Kate Powell
Clerk (DP & FOI) Gemma Tougher

Note: Conveners of Project Boards by Invitation.